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Rough Concept was founded in September 2007 as a blog by Jack Everett. The website in it’s current form is designed to present the written works of Mr. Everett for public viewing, and to provide a medium for Mr. Everett to present his opinions and observations in the form of a weblog.

Mr. Everett had the following to say concerning the name of the website:

The name Rough Concept was chosen because I feel that none of my work is finished. That is to say, I consider all my work to be rough drafts (or concept drafts), and even the best of my work is subject to change, should I see the need, or have the desire, to modify it. Intelligent comments made about my work, do indeed, have the potential to influence future edits of any of my work.

Viewers are free to comment on the various content and postings, as well as contact Mr. Everett directly.

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