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Anecdotes #3 - May 2, 2016

Death Takes a Vacation

When I was really young I saw this sketch on the show In Living Color called Death Takes a Vacation. It featured Jim Carrey. I didn’t know who Jim Carrey was at the time, but the horrible images of death in that sketch haunted me for life. Only recently did I find the sketch and see that it was Jim Carrey. I never really liked Jim Carrey and I have a funny feeling that seeing that was the reason why.

Party of Five

I suppose like any kid I was fascinated by sex, and my best source of information for sex was TV. This show came out called Party of Five, and I had to watch it behind my mom’s back, I only saw one episode, and I think it was the 2nd one, and it it this kid had to go to the store with his sister to buy maxi pads and the whole time he was impatient because this shopping excursion was keeping him away from this girl he wanted to see. Well once they finished shopping he saw the girl, and I remember they got in a bed together and I was excited by the prospect of getting into a bed with a girl.


One of the strange sandwiches I enjoy is Peanut Butter and Cheese. It first came about one time when my dad had me for the weekend. I had to make a lunch quick and I was making peanut butter but couldn’t find any jam, but I did find some cheese, and I liked cheese, so I put that on the sandwich. By lunch time the cheese had sort of melted and so it was this gooey mix of cheese with the peanut butter. It was really good, and I’ve had it many times since then.

My First Kiss

While technically my first kiss was much later, from a certain point of view my first kiss was in Kindergarten. The girl’s name was Ashley and I decided I liked her and that I was going to kiss her. I volunteered to hold open the doors after recess, and before she came through the door I kissed my fingertips and then pressed them against her lips. I suppose as far as she knew I was smacking her in the face for no apparent reason, but from my point of view I had kissed her.

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