Category: "2015 - Present, Dallas"

The Guy Was Texting While Peeing - October 18, 2015

So this guy taking a pee next to me in a public bathroom the other day was texting while peeing. To go into a lot of detail I also want it to be known that he also switched the phone from his right to left hand during the pee. I guess my point is that… more »

So, I Bought a Drawing From a Five Year Old - May 12, 2015

I am a collector of fine art. Being that I’m not a millionaire my primary source for art is eBay. I’ve found that if you look carefully you can find authentic original art on eBay. (There are also a lot of Chinese knockoff paintings, but the… more »

Why I Hate "Sent from my iPhone" - April 19, 2015

I have some character flaws I’m not proud of, one of them is my irrational hatred of certain tech companies, Apple Inc being one of them. I think the root of my disdain started when Apple had an ad campaign that portrayed Microsoft as… more »

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