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Anecdotes #5 - March 28, 2017

Time Capsule One time in Primary Sunday school our teacher had us put some things in a time capsule. We were supposed to open it a year later. Well being that teachers change and people move, we never did open it. To this day I wonder what I put in it.… more »

Anecdotes #4 - May 7, 2016

Blog Ideas:Organization (Desk).Left vs Right Brain.Jumping off stairs into tacks.Maceys, carts, endurance, roleplaying.PB&C. more »

Anecdotes #3 - May 2, 2016

Death Takes a Vacation When I was really young I saw this sketch on the show In Living Color called Death Takes a Vacation. It featured Jim Carrey. I didn’t know who Jim Carrey was at the time, but the horrible images of death in that sketch… more »

Categories: 1988-1995 K-6

Anecdotes #2 - April 14, 2016

A collection of anecdotes before I retire: Tied to a Tree One time at scout camp I wanted to sleep in. So I pretended to be asleep when everyone else was up. Some of the other boys tied me to a tree. I was awake the whole time and let them do it because… more »

Categories: 1995-1998 Middle

Anecdotes #1 - April 10, 2016

A collection of anecdotes before I retire: My Sixes One time I threatened to tattle-tale on my friend Clint for doing something bad in class. To prove my threat was serious I walked up to the teacher, but I knew it was bad to tattle-tale so when she… more »

Categories: 1988-1995 K-6

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